Sunday, 16 April 2017

Ah Lim's Kopi Chat Blog Post 5 - How much can a Popular YouTuber Make?

Ah Lim's Kopi Chat is a short blog post that takes me just 5-10 min (time for me to finish a cup of coffee) to write and publish. It could be a rant, investment related or even non-related. In short, it could be anything. Short and simple. That's it.

Have you ever wonder how much can a famous YouTuber make? These are the estimations and screenshots from the website

PewDiePie has over 54M subscribers as of today and he is a videogamer. People watch him playing games on YouTube for his commentaries and reactions. He also comments about other stuff besides video games.

Casey Neistat has over 6M subscribers. I have watched some of his videos and they are very well shot and edited. He films both indoor and outdoor videos and there are even shots taken using drone. Thumbsup! Casey owned a video company which he reportedly sold to CNN for a whooping $25M! He still has some collaboration work with CNN currently.

iJustine has over 3M subscribers and her channel is frequented by technology geeks. She talks about latest gadgets and does unboxing videos.

Very impressive earnings. They could even do it full-time. So how's our local YouTubers doing? 

NOC has over 500K Subscribers. Unless our local YouTubers could attract foreign viewers, I feel the earnings from YouTube alone would still be limited to do it fulltime.

JianHao Tan has over 700K Subscribers. 

Good luck and Jiayou, local YouTubers! Ok, I have overshot my timing for this blog post. Back to checking out foreign YouTube videos. 😝

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