Friday, 30 March 2018

Testdrive SG Yield feature here (DL link disabled due to loading... error)

Testdrive and have a sample feel of my SG Yield Android app feature below. It is available for direct download (disabled). Only works on Android devices. I have not uploaded it to Google Playstore as it costs USD$25 to register as a developer. For iOS, it costs USD$99 per year. I created the app for free and don't intend to charge. I don't plan to pay for the fees by listing them at the stores. 

Note: The data below is EOD (End-Of-Day) and not current price. Current values would often
show "loading..." when the traffic load proves too much for Google Sheet. Google's fault. 😒

Sample Screenshots:

Thursday, 27 April 2017

My Last Purchase for April 2017

Added CSE Global to my portfolio today. 😀

Screenshot from My SGX App.I like to buy stocks when RSI and Stoch are near 20.
Screenshot from SGX website. Attractive yield of 5.39%.

Cash Flow from Operations in 2016 improve over previous 2 years.

XD on 2 May 2017. Will receive $150 hongbao from CSE on 19 May 2017.

CSE Global occupies just a small position in my portfolio. The dividend yield is acceptable to me for a non-Reit counter. Note: This is not a buy recommendation as I am not qualified to give stock advise. This is just my short diary to keep track of what and why I buy and you just happen to peep inside. 

P.S. I forgot to add the company does not have any long-term debt which is another plus. 👍

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Soilbuild Business Reit's Response to SIAS' Query on FY2016 Annual Report

If you are currently a Soilbuild Business Reit's shareholder or interested in investing in this company, then you should take a look at their recent response to SIAS' query on their FY2016 Annual Report. The link for the attachment is here.

The current challenge for this Reit is the leasing of 72 Loyang Way. The previous tenant Technics Oil And Gas had defaulted on rent payment.Technic's security deposit has been used to cover the rent in the meantime and only left about 1 month of deposit left to draw down. The asset value of this property has been revised down by 33%. 😞

Taken from Annual Report 2016 

Net Asset Value drops from $0.80 to $0.72

The good news for existing shareholders is JTC has temporarily lifted the subletting requirements on 30% of the subject site’s gross floor area (“GFA”) till end 2020. This provides the REIT an option to sublet 30% of the GFA to non-anchor tenants. Currently, part of the premises is leased to 2 tenants, occupying 9.9% of the GFA. The info can be found in the attachment link I provided earlier.

Currently Soilbuild Business Reit makes up less than 4% of my cash stock portfolio. My average price is $0.72. I also use CPF OA to invest in Soilbuild Business Reit. However, I am separating my CPF and cash investments. The chart below only shows my stock portfolio using cash.

Next quarter's dividend yield should drop further. My forecast of 9.52% based on current price should be unachievable. Hopefully I could still receive at least 8% of dividend yield based on my purchase price of $0.72. As the Reit currently occupies just a small percentage of my portfolio, I am not overly concerned. In the meantime, I would just stay calm and keep collecting dividends.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

What I learnt from Frasers Commercial Trust's latest 2QFY17 Result and Presentation Slides

Frasers Commercial Trust makes up close to 10% of my stock portfolio and is the second largest after M1. Here's a summary of their latest earnings report and what I have learned from their Presentation Slides.

Distributable income increases by 3.5% year-on-year. Sounds good? Generally, I would prefer to look at DPU as the shareholder pool may have increase over the 1 year period.

Fortunately, I am not disappointed. The DPU grew by 2.4% compared with a year ago. Good Job!
The improved results was due to better performance from Australian portfolio and stronger Australian dollar as shown below.

The properties of FCOT and occupancy rate are as shown below.

The Lease Expiry for FCOT's properties in FY17 is as shown below. It is not mentioned if HP would be renewing the 5.4% leasing that is going to expire. The uncertainty in HP leases expiry has been a concern for shareholders. HP has a built-to-suit facility with Mapletree at Telok Blangah Cluster that would be completed in second quarter of 2017. There has been speculations that HP would move to the new facility. Existing and potential investors should take note of this. The rent of $4.30 is low for Alexandra Technopark  as compared to the other 2 local properties.

The positive rental reversion looks good especially for Alexandra Technopark if FCOT could renew existing leases or find new tenants.

Lease expiry for FY18 is very high. Something to watch out for. 😓

Alexandra Technopark is undergoing AEI currently and the works should be completed around mid-2018. Further positive rental reversion after AEI completed?
HP. Look what you could be missing if you move out. 

As at 21/4/2017, FCOT's closing share price was $1.335. It is currently trading below it's NAV. 

FCOT won 2 prestigious awards at The Global Good Governance Awards 2017. Congrats!

My past transactions for this stock is as follows. As you can see, I have been averaging down. For the past 3 quarters, I have opted to receive units in place of cash for dividends. The current closing price is about my average purchase price. I may opt to receive cash this time round if the offer price is above my average purchase price. 

Screenshot from A very good site to keep track of your portfolio.

At current price of $1.335, the dividend yield is still very attractive among commercial Reits. My forecast yield for this year is 7.51%. The Management has done a good job so far in growing the DPU. Hopefully, they would continue to do so for the coming years and I would stay vested with this Reit that has good Governance. 😃

See how the DPU and yield has been growing over the years!

SREITs Weekly Summary 21.4.2017

I have created a weekly table comparison chart for the SReits under my watchlist. I am comparing the  closing price change between last Friday and this week.

If you are interested in the daily performance, below table shows the result. I have also updated the price of the individual counters over here.

Best performing Reit for today is Frasers L& L Trust (+3.03%) followed by CapitaR China Trust (+2.37%).

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Ah Lim's Kopi Chat Blog Post 5 - How much can a Popular YouTuber Make?

Ah Lim's Kopi Chat is a short blog post that takes me just 5-10 min (time for me to finish a cup of coffee) to write and publish. It could be a rant, investment related or even non-related. In short, it could be anything. Short and simple. That's it.

Have you ever wonder how much can a famous YouTuber make? These are the estimations and screenshots from the website

PewDiePie has over 54M subscribers as of today and he is a videogamer. People watch him playing games on YouTube for his commentaries and reactions. He also comments about other stuff besides video games.

Casey Neistat has over 6M subscribers. I have watched some of his videos and they are very well shot and edited. He films both indoor and outdoor videos and there are even shots taken using drone. Thumbsup! Casey owned a video company which he reportedly sold to CNN for a whooping $25M! He still has some collaboration work with CNN currently.

iJustine has over 3M subscribers and her channel is frequented by technology geeks. She talks about latest gadgets and does unboxing videos.

Very impressive earnings. They could even do it full-time. So how's our local YouTubers doing? 

NOC has over 500K Subscribers. Unless our local YouTubers could attract foreign viewers, I feel the earnings from YouTube alone would still be limited to do it fulltime.

JianHao Tan has over 700K Subscribers. 

Good luck and Jiayou, local YouTubers! Ok, I have overshot my timing for this blog post. Back to checking out foreign YouTube videos. 😝

My Rights Issue Results for Ascott Reit

I blogged Ascott Reit Rights Issue in a few earlier Posts (link here). I was entitled to 2320 Units and I applied for 7680 excess Units. I managed to get 3900 Units in total.

Together with my existing Units, I now have 11900 Ascott Reit shares. Ascott Reit is still below 10% of my stock portfolio. I try to keep each company holding below 10%. As of now, only M1 exceeds at slightly above 11%. of my overall portfolio.

Ascott Reit's closing price was $1.09 as at 13 April 2017. My purchase price for the Rights Issue was $0.919. However it was trading at around $1.17 before the announcement of Rights Issue. My average price for Ascott Reit is now $1.02. My dividend yield should be within 7 - 8%.  The current yield should be lower than my previous forecast of 8.61% due to Units increase as a result of the Rights Issue.

Yield based on purchase price of $1.02