Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My App Recommendation of the Day - Toshl Finance

The above text is taken from my old blog post in 2007. We need to have savings before we can start to invest. It might be more time-consuming to track our expenses 10 years ago. However, that's not the case now.

I recently learnt of this mobile app called Toshl Finance which is very useful for keeping track of daily expenses. Of course we could also charge our expenses to credit card and use the monthly bill as a way of keeping track of where our money disappear to. However if you want to zoom into exact spending details such as kopitiam lunch or haircut costs, this is the app you need.

Sample Screenshot of my Expenses 

The app allows you to set the monthly budget and it will let you know how much you could spend daily in order to meet the budget. Cool! A way to use it is to key in the recurring monthly bills at the beginning of the month. Then you can know how much you could afford to spend per day. You could also move the remaining funds to following month to reward yourself if you spend below the budgeted amount for current month.

The app is free to download and use. There's no intrusive advertisements. I am not affiliated in anyway to this app. I just find it useful for tracking expenses and so I recommend it.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

What I Learnt From Ascendas Hospitality Trust's FY2016/17 Annual Report

I wrote a Blog Post on Ascendas Hospitality's 4Q FY2016/17 Result in May. The link could be found here. AHT just released their Annual Report recently and the results are as follows:

5% y-o-y growth in dps
Low gearing at 32.2%, 78.3% of borrowings at Fixed Int Rate

All Properties current valuation are above their Purchase Price. Many Properties are Freehold too!

Revenue and RevPAR improving for all hotels except Park Hotel

Huge % of Income contribution from Australia Properties. Hopefully Australia's tourism continue to perform well.

 Other Hospitality Reits's Local Hotels are also not doing well. Tourists in Singapore prefer to stay budget hotels?

New Income Contribution in 2019

Other AEIs to Increase Income

As at 16 June's closing price of $0.81, the current dividend yield would be 7.01%. 52-week high price is $0.82.  Current Price is at overbought level as both RSI and Stochastic are at the high side. However, we could see from chart that even though when the RSI and Stochastic were at overbought levels in the past, the share price continued to trend higher. 50d Moving Average is also above the 200d Moving Average signifying an uptrend. I have stated in my previous Blog Post that I would continue to hold. My sentiments is still the same. My Purchase Price was $0.715 and below the NAV of $0.92. My yield is also very attractive at 7.94%. It's a Hold for me.

Screenshot from Chartnexus

Saturday, 10 June 2017

My First Purchase for June 2017

I finally added CapitaLand Mall Trust to my portfolio. This is a REIT that needs no introduction and many of us staying in Singapore would have visited some of it's malls on a regular basis. Their malls are located near to mrt stations and are able to draw human traffic due to their strategic locations. CMT was the first REIT to be launched in Singapore. It was launched in 2002 and IPO price was $0.96. For those fortunate enough to buy during that time and have the patience to hold till now, their dividend yield would be around 11.59%.

The malls owned by CMT are as shown below. Besides these properties, CMT also holds 122.7 million units in CapitaLand Retail China Trust (CRCT), which translates to an approximate 14.11% stake as at 31 December 2016.  The fair value of CMT’s investment in CRCT represents 1.6% of CMT and its subsidiaries’ (CMT Group) total asset size as at 31 December 2016. By buying CMT's shares, unitholders will also indirectly get to invest in CRCT at the same time.

Funan Digital Mall is currently closed for redevelopment works. It will be an integrated development comprising six-storey retail mall, two office towers and one block of serviced residences once completed.. The property would only be operational and contributing in 2019.


RSI is close to 30% and Stochastics is at 20% level indicating oversold. Current price level also looks like a support level (at least to me).

Screenshot from Chartnexus App


My dividend yield is around 5.77%. CMT's NAV is $1.8863 and 52 Week Low Price is $1.87. CMT is usually trading above it's NAV so $1.87 is another good support level to add more. I may have jump the gun on this trade. The dividend yield would be 5.95% if based on the 52 Week Low price of $1.87.

Temasek bought 337.9K shares in May at $1.943. Can undercut Temasek at current price. Hurray!😀

Screenshot from Spiking App

Friday, 9 June 2017


Once again, I wasted 2 cups of kopi-o money with this IPO. 😞

Congrats to those who managed to get. Better luck next time to those of us that failed to get any lot. The next IPO which I am aiming for is NetLink Trust. Hopefully, I could recover the few cups of kopi money which I lost this year with the next IPO.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Goodbye MGCCT

I sold Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust today!

My transaction records for this stock are as shown below. Average purchase price was $1.01. 

The chart of MGCCT is as shown below. From the chart, we can see the price was on an uptrend for the past few months. Even though the price is still below the NAV of  $1.301, I chose to lock in profits first.

Screenshot from

The next dividend distribution is in November. I may buyback if the the share price falls and the yield goes up to 7% during this period. The reason for selling is for profit-taking and not due to any fundamental changes. It could also be a good idea to sell off some REITs before the next interest rate hike. The extra cash could also be used to buy non-REIT stocks instead.

Screenshot from Markets.ft

Monday, 5 June 2017

A Trip To The Past - Revisiting An Old Blog Post

I actually have another blog which I published many years back. I started it way back in 2007 actually. It was a financial blog on wealth creation. I didn't promote that blog and it died a natural death as a result. It became more like a journal as I could be the only 1 reading it. Some of the stuff that I wrote on the blog should still apply today I think. I hope so.

Note: The funds mentioned in this Post are just what I had purchased previously and do not constitute any buy or sell recommendations.

I will show 1 of the Post that was written back in Sep 2010. The title was ...

My recent account Statement

The Post which I wrote years back

Basically, there's nothing wrong with the content. The problem was with the way I invested in Unit Trusts. I had a few funds that are focused on the same Singapore Market. I should just invest in 1 local market fund which had the best performance track record. I was also buying new funds which did not have any track record but seemed hype.

In my Post, I mentioned I bought 3 funds when I first started. The table below shows the 3 funds which I invested in. The countries/areas where the funds invested in were considered hype and having huge potential at that time.

Let's see how they performed over the next 10 year period from 2007 - 2017.

Screenshot from

The overall performance of the funds are not exactly that spectacular. They do perform better than STI index though.

I did not hold the funds for long though. I sold them the following year. During my early investing years, I was also engaged in frequent buying and selling. The sales charge was 1.5% of my transaction amount during that time. Ouch!

For my Unit Trust investments, I am currently focused in only 2 equity funds. Each fund is already holding a portfolio of stocks. There's really no point in over diversification. I have also stopped buying single country funds which is risky as the country may suffer from economic downturn that could drag the whole portfolio down. No more hype investing as well. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

SREITs Weekly Summary - 2/6/2017 (And A Peak at My Next Blog Post)


I have created a weekly table comparison chart for the SReits under my watchlist. I am comparing the closing price change between 19.5.2017 and 2.6.2017. I did not update 26.5.2017's results due to some issues with Yahoo Finance.

I am quite surprise with the performance of Far East Hospitality Trust. As far as I know, their recent quarterly results was not good.

The table below shows the performance for 2.6.2017 in comparison to 1.6.2017's results.


There are currently 3 companies trading near their 52-Week High Price as shown in the table below.

Upcoming Blog Post (Back To The Past)

I will cover an old blog post which I wrote way back in 2010. Stay tune to see if I am going to bash my old post or the way I invest.

A sneak peak at what I wrote few years back

If only there's a time machine that could bring us back in time to undo our investment mistakes.