Thursday, 6 August 2020

US Stock Chart Patterns Automated Screener

For those who trade US Stocks, I have automated screening out stocks that have bullish and bearish patterns. These are the patterns screened: Multiple Tops, Multiple Bottoms, Channel Up and Channel Down. Do click on Charts to view the chart pattern formed. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any of the stocks listed below. You will need to know how to trade these setups. Just because a stock is found under Bullish Pattern doesn't mean it is now the right time to buy. The stocks screened are trading above $10 per share. Only a maximum of 20 stocks per pattern is shown. Clicking on Charts would be able to view more stocks that formed the pattern.

Before buying any stock, it is useful to check out the overall performance of the sector the stock is in. If the sector is bullish, it would not be a good idea to go short on a stock that is in this sector. Sector performance could be found at this link.

Bullish Patterns

For Channel Up pattern, the stocks listed below are trading <10% of 52 Week Low.

Bearish Patterns

For Channel Down pattern, the stocks listed below are trading <10% of 52 Week High.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

My Forex Trading Experiment - Week 2 Aug 2017

Week 2 Aug 2017

My Pepperstone demo account expired and I couldn't login anymore. The demo account is valid for only a month. I can recreate another account with Pepperstone but I would have to do it again the next month.

Fortunately, I have created a second demo account with another broker called Orbex before my Pepperstone account expired. I have a third account with another broker IC Markets where I traded the same strategy but on lower timeframes with tighter stoploss and target price.

Last week, my P/L for this account was $133.42. I closed 2 positive trades early before NFP results. My overall P/L is now $434.62. Profitable trades is 75%. Portfolio growth : 434.62/5000 x 100 = 8.69%. If based on the amount risked, Gain:434.62/600 = 72.44%

I have added an additional Acc Growth column for my Risk Reward Table. In my earlier Post, I discussed about Risk Management and used the Table to illustrate my point. Link here.

I am still within the yellow band of the table. Would be interesting to see which band I would end up in after 10 trades. Only 4 trades completed so far and 2 were closed prematurely.

For my IC Markets demo account, I am risking $50 per trade for the potential to make $100. Trade is mostly based on lower timeframe (15 min/1 hr) charts. Starting account size is also $5000. Risk is about 1% per trade. If the first few trades are losing trades, the subsequent trade risk would increase >1% as the remaining capital would be less than $5000. Each trade takes about 1 - 2 days to close so far.

My P/L for this account is $252.22. Profitable trades is 75%. Portfolio growth: 252.22/5000 x 100 = 5.04%. If based on the total amount that I risked, Gain: 252.22/200=126.11%

Unfortunately, both accounts do not factor in brokers' commissions. It is also too early to tell if the result is sustainable. More trade sample size has to be done for the "experiment" to be meaningful. My trade experiment has to survive the law of large numbers over a period of time. As of now I don't think 75% winning rate is achievable over a longer term.

Law of Large Numbers/Averages Explained 

SREITs Performance Aug 17 Week 2

SREITs ended on a low for last week. It was a sea of RED on Friday. Time to get out or opportunity to buy soon? You decide.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

I Sold 3 More Stocks In 1 Day for Aug 2017

I sold 3 more stocks on 11 Aug 2017. Amid the political tensions between North Korea and US, I feel it's better to reduce my number of stock holdings and increase my cash position. This is also inline with my plan to cut down on my stock positions for the coming months. I am not doing a complete sell of all my stocks though. It is more of a locking in profit exercise as I feel the Market is likely to go down than up in the near term. I have also seen my paper gain turns to dust before and there's nothing wrong with taking some money off the table first.

I am still holding some Soildbuild Business Reit shares through CPF investments.
Soilbuild Business Reit Transaction

CapitaMall Trust Transaction

RHT Health Trust

Hopefully, I would be wrong and the Market would continue to go higher up.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My First Sale in Aug 2017 (Updated)

I finally sold off all my OUE Commercial REIT shares after holding it for 2 years.

DPU for 2Q 2017 has fallen quite a bit. I sold after XD and so I am also eligible for this last round of dividend from OUE Com.

The chairman of the Reit also sold off some shares 1 day before XD.

Screenshot from Spiking App

The current dividend yield for OUE Commercial is 6.75% and the share price as of 8th Aug 2017's closing price was $0.72. It is trading below the NAV of $0.86.

Wow! The dividend yield for this year is quite close to my forecast yield.

I will be looking to further trim my Reits portfolio and increase my cash position for the coming months. Stay tune for that!

Update - Cash is King. Holding Reits is Landlord. You can choose to be a King, a Lord or better still Both. 😀 Forgot to add, Happy National Day, fellow Singaporeans! Huat ar!

Oops. Wrong song above.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

SREITs Performance Aug 17 Week 1

Performance of SREITs

My yield forecast in the table may not be accurate. Please do your own calculation before buying as my forecast is only based on the first distribution of the current year as stated in the calculation methodology.

The REITs summary table is comparing 4th Aug's closing price with previous day results.

STI Component Stocks Performance - Aug 17 Week 2 (Updated)

It has been a while since I update the performance of STI Component Stocks. The table below shows their current share price (minus REITs and Telcos).

Week 1
These are the companies whose share price is trading near their 52 week high:
City Development
Genting Sing
Global Logistic
HongkongLand USD
ST Engineering

For those who hold these stocks, huat ar!

Week 2 (Updated)
The companies that hit their 52 Week High Price have retreated on Friday.