Saturday, 12 August 2017

I Sold 3 More Stocks In 1 Day for Aug 2017

I sold 3 more stocks on 11 Aug 2017. Amid the political tensions between North Korea and US, I feel it's better to reduce my number of stock holdings and increase my cash position. This is also inline with my plan to cut down on my stock positions for the coming months. I am not doing a complete sell of all my stocks though. It is more of a locking in profit exercise as I feel the Market is likely to go down than up in the near term. I have also seen my paper gain turns to dust before and there's nothing wrong with taking some money off the table first.

I am still holding some Soildbuild Business Reit shares through CPF investments.
Soilbuild Business Reit Transaction

CapitaMall Trust Transaction

RHT Health Trust

Hopefully, I would be wrong and the Market would continue to go higher up.

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