Saturday, 8 September 2018

Why There's No updates to My Blog Recently? :(

Disclaimer: This blog post is for entertainment purposes only where I share my findings and opinions about stocks. It does not constitute any buy or sell recommendation. Always DYODD before making any trade or investment decision.


I am currently in China and my laptop is unable to circumvent the Great Firewall Of China. I always blogs using my laptop as it is easier compared to using a tablet. That's why I have yet to update my dividend results for Aug 2018.

With the ongoing trade war between US and China (or issit rest of the world?), there could be further opportunities for stock investors to go bargain hunting.

HSI has experienced an 18% drop from it's peak in Jan 18!

China giant stocks such as Alibaba, Tencent and JD has also taken a tumble. To make things worse for, the ceo was recently arrested on allegation of rape. Investigations are still ongoing and he was released without any charges as of publication of this blog post. For Alibaba, Jack Ma just announces he would be retiring on Mon to devote his time to philanthropy causes. I am currently invested in Alibaba and JD. These 2 companies together with Tencent are the 3 China stocks that I would focus on if China stocks continue to dip.


I am still demo trading Forex. My method of trading Forex would be automated using EAs and without having to look and study technical charts. Based on current market conditions and statistical performance of the EAs, I would select which EAs to use to trade. It is still a work in progress and I am still in the midst of tweaking how to choose which EAs to choose and when to switch them. I hope to achieve an average gain of 5% per month from a 10K account when I eventually go live. The reason why I am considering Forex trading is to diversify risk from stocks investing. I am also putting money into safer investments such as Singapore Savings bonds. SSB is a good place to park our money while waiting for investing opportunies. Always choose the instruments to buy or sell based on your own risk appetite and comfort level.

Greetings from China!

That's all folks! Happy trading and investing!

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