Saturday, 9 June 2018

My Preferential Offering Results for Frasers Logistics And Industrial Trust

The result is finally out! I bought 5000 shares of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust last month and was entitled to 500 shares. I applied for 9500 excess shares. So how many shares did I manage to get?

When I logged in to my CDP account, I saw a total of 6500 shares. I have received 1000 excess shares. My initial purchase price was $1.04. My average purchase price was brought down slightly to $1.025. The closing price on Friday was $1.04. Let's see how the share price will fare on Monday. The European properties acquisition was supposed to be yield accretive and non-dilutive at the PO price of $0.967. With that said, market could be irrational. Just look at recent drop in Netlink Trust's share price. Ceo had to go in support. Good luck to those who have also applied! Hope everyone can get more excess shares! Huat ar!

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