Sunday, 1 July 2018

My Stock Dividend Income For June 2018/ I bought more shares of this REIT

Disclaimer: This blog post is for entertainment purposes only where I share my findings and opinions about stocks. It does not constitute any buy or sell recommendation. Always DYODD before making any trade or investment decision.

Stock Portfolio (Cash)

The following companies will be contributing to my June 2018 Dividend Income:

June is a typical low dividend period for my portfolio. I will be expecting another fat angbao from RHT Health Trust in Aug as they finally distribute the outstanding dividends owed by Fortis Healthcare.

July will be an exciting month as REITs start to report their quarterly results.  I picked up more Ascendas Hospitality Trust shares in June. I added after they acquire 3 Osaka hotels. Yes. After the earthquake. I siao? Keke. There's no damages to their properties and I believe they should have some insurance policies against such events. I see that as an opportunity to buy some more at discounted price against NAV and at an attractive yield. In fact, the share price was quite resilient after the quake. My recent purchase price was $0.77 which was higher than my initial purchase price of $0.71. I now have a total of 20000 AHT shares after the purchase. Looking forward to juicy dividends from them in Nov. DBS gave it a Buy Call. link

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